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handy Mysql functions 0

handy Mysql functions

AVG()Return the average value of the argument BIT_AND()Return bitwise and BIT_OR()Return bitwise or BIT_XOR()(v4.1.1)Return bitwise xor COUNT(DISTINCT)Return the count of a number of different values COUNT()Return a count of the number ofrows returned GROUP_CONCAT()(v4.1)Return...

Simple javaScript Roll Over Image Code 0

Simple javaScript Roll Over Image Code

Images must be .png Images must be in ‘images’ folder Roll over images must have ‘o’ (for over) in the name example: Original images: images/Bird.png Roll Over image: images/Birdo.png The link would be <a...

SQL injection / Email to HTTP POST / Mysql mistakes 0

SQL injection / Email to HTTP POST / Mysql mistakes

Sql injection : Bobby Tables Email to your web app: Cloudmailin Php class for email to db Top 10 mysql mistakes

PHP $_FILES array: Thoughts 0

PHP $_FILES array: Thoughts

I’ve been dealing with the Global $_FILES array recently.  It’s a bear.  Here are some things to look at. How to loop through the $_FILES array: Stackoverflow $_FILES array structure Traversing $_FILES array

Projects to Learn Java 0

Projects to Learn Java

As a programmer it is important to keep adding skill sets.  An easy way to do that is to pick up a new language.  Of course reading text books or manuals is a great...


Pirates Baseball Park – PNC Park

One of my favorite baseball parks is PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  Here’s a photo of the park I took back in August 31, 2013 when the Pirates were playing the Cardinals. 

Personal URL Marketing Campaign 0

Personal URL Marketing Campaign

ACT College exam marketing campaign for graduating High School students. Created 22,000 web pages, each dynamically generated websites containing populated information for each student. The unique subdomains were generated using a MYSQL database and...