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Pirates Baseball Park – PNC Park

One of my favorite baseball parks is PNC Park in Pittsburgh.  Here’s a photo of the park I took back in August 31, 2013 when the Pirates were playing the Cardinals. 

Future Project: Syntax show-n-tell 0

Future Project: Syntax show-n-tell

I was thinking this morning that one of the hardest parts to learning how to code is understanding all of the syntax related brackets, braces and parts that make up a coding language. As...


Baseball trip

I’ve become quite the professional baseball fan over the last two years and with that fandom has come a desire to go see more live games. Last year I was able to catch quite...


Calcio Storico – War Rugby

A brutal, historic form of rugby / soccer is played in Florence for St. John’s day.  The game is called Calcio Storico and has really only one rule; you can’t hit an unconscious player. ...


Ambrotype Repair Final: part 5 of 5

I finally finished the broken ambrotype right before Christmas. I needed it for a Christmas gift for my Aunt. She had broken the photo when she was a little girl about 60 years ago...

Who am I? 0

Who am I?

I started my collegiate career with a terminally ill father at home and roommates that were more interested in freedom than education. I was enrolled in a bachelor’s program that was definitely not a...