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Mysql index resources for Slow Queries

I’ve got a situation where I’m dumping CSV files into a database – and doing multiple look ups before inserting the record into the database.  It is fast – but unfortunately it is still...

Make a Form Cancel Button

The Cancel Button You are making an edit form for a site. The form allows a users to make changes to something and submit the changes to the database. This is a typical scenario...

Fantastic collection of JQuery plugins

This has to be one of the best collection of jquery plugins I’ve run across. This collection is full of animations and functionality that are more and more commonplace in web design.

Top 10 Web Goals for Any Business

    Make interaction easy and painless – especially when it comes to payment or contacting you Make information accessible on everything – phone, desktop, tablet (in that order) Make finding information easy –...

Regular Expression Anything In Between Two strings

Regular Expression Anything In Between Two strings

$pattern = ‘/(?<=customProgramName=\’)(.*?)(?=\’)/’; Matches anything after “customProgramName=’ ” and before the closing ” ‘ “. Took me forever to figure this out!!!! Good Examples Look Behind and Look Ahead

PopUp Video On Visitor’s First Visit

PopUp Video On Visitor’s First Visit

I’ve been working on a pop up window that will play a video the first time a user visits a website. It works using a cookie and some javascript executing a popup window. The...