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AWS Cognito for Facebook Login

AWS Cognito for Facebook Login

Excellent videos covering setting up and implementing AWS Cognito for a web app. This is a great solution for handing User registration and authentication for multiple systems.

Linux Server Web Security Resources 0

Linux Server Web Security Resources

Need a crash course in Linux Server Security and Administration?  Here’s a boat load Secure an AWS Ec2 CHMod Tool Managing File and Folder permissions with Git deployment Intro to Linux permissions Lynda Course...


Dealing With Hacked WordPress on EC2

I was going to start this article by saying that I’m a big fan of WordPress, but I’m hesitating. WordPress is super popular, and it gets the job done for most people, but let’s...

Deploy a Git submodule project on Elastic Beanstalk

Git submodules are a handy way of segmenting modules and plugins in your code into separate Git repositories. This way you can manage each of those projects individually, each with their own git version...

Aws EB Deploy Artifact

Elastic Beanstalk Deploying an Artifact

Deploying an artifact gotto directory and eb init and select all of the configs region application (create a new if needed) platform version ssh (important if you want to be able to login to...