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HTML checkbox submit a value if not checked using JQuery

HTML checkbox submit a value if not checked using JQuery

HTML checkboxes are horrible. If they are checked – they will submit a value, but if they aren’t checked then the the whole input is just left out. This is terrible if you want...

Product Configurator Using JSON and JS

The functionality of the simple Javascript configurator was extended to utilize JSON for data loading into the configurator. This way more information besides the image and swatch paths can be included. Additionally the configurator...

Product Configurator using Javascript

This basic configuration allows for two arrays of images to be overlaid on each other and use the buttons at the bottom to cycle through the different finishes and foil packages available. This Javascript...

Essence Fan Builder

The Essence Fan builder is a fan configurator plugin built for WordPress. The configurator allows users to select different paint options and accessories for the Essence fan. Once a user has completed their creation...

Simple HTML content fade in with JQuery

Simple HTML content fade in with JQuery

JQuery in the Head Links in HTML About Pledge Talking Points CSS to hide content .contentHide { display: none; } Page Content THE BLITZ? Does it seem like everyone is talking about the Blitz?...

Fantastic collection of JQuery plugins

This has to be one of the best collection of jquery plugins I’ve run across. This collection is full of animations and functionality that are more and more commonplace in web design. http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/open-source-jquery-plugins-for-building-single-page-website-layouts

Finding the Last Element

Finding the Last Element

Many times you want to find the last element of something. Obviously there are many different ways to find that element. Last Element of an array: PHP For example you can find the last...

Scroller Animation Resources

Scroll activated website animations are so hot right now. Oh my gosh sooooo hot. Here are some resources. Super Scrollorama A collection of resources at web design ledger