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Mysql Update Part of a String

I have a client with a trainer directory on their site. There is a field in the database that stores the trainer’s accolades. One of the accolades is to be considered a Top Trainer....

Mysql index resources for Slow Queries

I’ve got a situation where I’m dumping CSV files into a database – and doing multiple look ups before inserting the record into the database.  It is fast – but unfortunately it is still...

KCTCS Learn On Demand: Digital Case study

I designed, developed and implemented a landing page for a digital campaign.  The campaign is running on a few ad networks and funnels prospective students on to the site.  All functional aspects of the...

Finish Your Degree.org

Personalized Landing Page and inquiry form sent to 25,000 students who haven’t completed their college education.  Form content populates from a database and tied to a personalized url (JohnHarbison.FinishYourDegree.org pulls in information for John...

Mysql injection

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/60174/how-can-i-prevent-sql-injection-in-php?rq=1 https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Blind_SQL_Injection

Mysql database workflow – local to remote

Mysql database workflow – local to remote


Mirror Mysql database

Mirror Mysql database

These resources are key to creating redundant mysql databases in the case of a crash http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/replication.html http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8471273/right-way-to-mirror-a-php-mysql-setup

handy Mysql functions 0

handy Mysql functions

AVG()Return the average value of the argument BIT_AND()Return bitwise and BIT_OR()Return bitwise or BIT_XOR()(v4.1.1)Return bitwise xor COUNT(DISTINCT)Return the count of a number of different values COUNT()Return a count of the number ofrows returned GROUP_CONCAT()(v4.1)Return...


MYSQL Maintenance

Are your queries taking a little long?  Are you worried about corrupted data?  Has your slow CSM left your users fuming?  Well you are in luck!  Below are resources on MYSQL managment! Laurence Gillerts...