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Dynamic Field Sorting for WordPress ACF

A site my employer has uses the Advance Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. They use the plugin to create custom post types which they use for creating product pages. This plugin allows you to...

Product Configurator Using JSON and JS

The functionality of the simple Javascript configurator was extended to utilize JSON for data loading into the configurator. This way more information besides the image and swatch paths can be included. Additionally the configurator...

Essence Fan Builder

The Essence Fan builder is a fan configurator plugin built for WordPress. The configurator allows users to select different paint options and accessories for the Essence fan. Once a user has completed their creation...

Artisan Collection Update

Updated the Haiku Home Artisan Collection website. The update include new content revisions, updated images and implementation of animated jumbo sections and gallery popups (modals). This project was my first exposure to the codebase...

Rental Property Company Lexington

Designed and developed a rental property website for a local rental company in Lexington KY. The site is built on a custom CMS system and features a responsive Bootstrap layout. The system also employs...

QsrAutomations Build

QsrAutomations.com relaunch. Technologies include Responsive Design Bootstrap CSS Node.js Server Jade templates Bootstrap Carousels XML parsing

Monticule Website Redesign

Monticule Thoroughbred Farm in Lexington KY got a website refresh in 2015.  The new site features a responsive layout, new photos, and a more focused IA. Technologies use: Responsive Design FadeShow Custom Layout in...

TLS Tailgate Card

Flyer designed for The Lexington Schools Tailgate event. Technical Details Designed in Photoshop

Karen Deprey Keller Williams Commercial

Karen Deprey Commercial video shoot and edit with voice over.  Shot in Lexington KY Technical Details Shot on Canon 6D Edited in Adobe Premier Animated titles created in Adobe After Effects


Lexhotel.net redesign for the Clarion hotel and conference center. Technologies include Responsive Design FadeShow Custom Layout in Photoshop http://www.lexingtonkyhotel.net/