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Take Care of your .Git (folder)

Take Care of your .Git (folder)

In Light of Japan’s Ebay source code getting leaked! https://en.internetwache.org/dont-publicly-expose-git-or-how-we-downloaded-your-websites-sourcecode-an-analysis-of-alexas-1m-28-07-2015/


PHP Cookie Problems

Cookies have been around forever – they are browser based variables that can be set to expire in the future. The variables are helpful for letting a user bounce around from page to page...

Jekyll Quick start 0

jekyll static site quickstart

This is directly from jekyllrb.com, the main website for jekyll. gem install bundler jekyll jekyll new my-awesome-site cd my-awesome-site bundle exec jekyll serve # => Now browse to http://localhost:4000 Once you’ve installed and started...


Loggly Apache Missing Access Logs

I’ve been using Loggly to consolidate my server logs for about a month now.  Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the service and think that making my server logs more accessible has allowed me to...


Should I use Jekyll for a Website?

What is Jekyll The quick answer – a static site generator.  You create templates using Liquid template engine, and content using HTML and Mark Down and the combo comes together and generates a standard...


Hreflang System for WordPress

HrefLang Class This class handles buidling the href lang tags across all of out international WordPress implementations. The class instance is created in /global/partials/header-footer/header/header.php. The file is referenced in /wp-content/themes/theme/header.php – which is included...


Predatory Sales Tactics of Web Security

Disclaimer: This is not a review or a recommendation for the site protection services the company discussed in the article offer. I’m sure that the services they provide are top notch and worth the...


SSL Installation Checklist

SSL Checklist Before you go HTTPS If you have a website with sensitive data you have to have an SSL installed and working on your website; otherwise browsers are going to let users know...

Ways to Transfer Domains

It always amazes me how difficult it is to transfer a domain. I suppose it is hard for a few reasons; but still it astonishes me. Why is it so hard? Is it human...