Using a PC Keyboard on a Mac: Make CTRL act like COMMAND

The biggest issue with using a PC Keyboard on a mac is the absence of the Command Key.  On a mac, quick keystrokes for copy, paste, new window, select all and many many more quick keys all utilize the Command key.  On a windows machine, the quick key combos use the Ctrl key.

So can you use a PC Keyboard on a Mac? Absolutely, however to overcome the absence of the command key you’ll need to do a little remapping.

* This tutorial will make it so that your keyboard works for the most common keystroke combos.  There may be some odd keystroke combos that this won’t work for – namely any keystroke combos that use the control key (Which there aren’t many)

Begin by attaching your USB keyboard to the mac.  It will start a program to recognize your keyboard by hitting the keys right and left of the shift keys.  Complete this step.

Your keyboard should be working at this point.

Time to remap your keyboard!

Open System Preferences > Keyboard

1. At the bottom right click “Modifier Keys” buttonmac1

1. On the next screen Select Keyboard > USB Keyboard

2. Change Control Key to Command


Hit okay.

Your keyboard should now work like it normally would if you were working on a windows machine, just remember that if it has the command icon that in your case you will be using Ctrl.





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