handy Mysql functions

AVG()Return the average value of the argument
BIT_AND()Return bitwise and
BIT_OR()Return bitwise or
BIT_XOR()(v4.1.1)Return bitwise xor
COUNT(DISTINCT)Return the count of a number of different values
COUNT()Return a count of the number ofrows returned
GROUP_CONCAT()(v4.1)Return a concatenated string
MAX()Return the maximum value
MIN()Return the minimum value
STD()Return the population standard deviation
STDDEV_POP()(v5.0.3)Return the population standard deviation
STDDEV_SAMP()(v5.0.3)Return the sample standard deviation
STDDEV()Return the population standard deviation
SUM()Return the sum
VAR_POP()(v5.0.3)Return the population standard variance
VAR_SAMP()(v5.0.3)Return the sample variance
VARIANCE()(v4.1)Return the population standard variance

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