Top 10 Web Goals for Any Business


Web Goals



  1. Make interaction easy and painless – especially when it comes to payment or contacting you
  2. Make information accessible on everything – phone, desktop, tablet (in that order)
  3. Make finding information easy – on your site or from a search engine.
  4. Make every web page the front door – know your hot landing pages and make them attractive and sticky.
  5. Have a goal hierarchy and stick to it. If selling products is the main focus – then the product and the method of purchase should be the main focus of the page – everything else is secondary.
  6. Make content digestible. Content served in courses is better than All-you-can-eat (break long content into multiple pages instead of a scrolling mess that never ends).
  7. Install and use analytics.  It will help you know the health and effectiveness of your site.
  8. In regard to analytics nothing is more telling about your site’s health than your content and your bounce rate.  This lets you know what door people are coming in and what they do.  If they come in the back and they smell fish chances are they are going to bounce.
  9. Google yourself.  If you can’t find you, no one can.
  10. Buzz and Bust.  Web trends are easy to get caught up in. Some bees give you honey – some just sting.
  11. The main goal of social media should be driving traffic to your site – why? Because at your site you are getting 100% of their attention!
  12. Make brand awareness and advocacy fun – especially on social media – Tweet, retweet, interact! It gives your brand and site vitality!
  13. Top 10 lists sound much sexier than Top 13 lists. Top 10 lists and click bait titles are the


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