When to use Node.js

Fantastic resources on explaining when it is right to use Node.js.  The overall consensus is you use it when you need live / updating content on a page.  The main issue Node can really tackle is and issue called “Long Polling”.  This is when a person is connected to page and the server is constantly updating that page.  The key example mentioned would be a chat program.  A  user connects to the page and it is constantly being updated.  In the past this would be a resource hog with a user taking up a thread on the server cpu.  Node.js frees up the resources and opens up possibilities with regards to socket handling.  This is great for in-browser applications as well as multiplayer  games and such.

Node.js is also getting some notice as a webserver because of its ability to handle data through MYSQL and JSON.  It is the new hotness.

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