College Recruitment Marketing Campaign

by John H
7 minutes

Adsense Marketing and Personalized Email Campaign

One of the largest projects I worked for 2015, developing and running, was a project called the "Enrollment Blitz".  The campaign had 3 major parts to it: a direct mail piece, an email campaign, and accompanying digital ads running on Google, Facebook and other digital channels.  The object was to feed as many potential college prospects to recruiters based at each of KCTCS' 16 community college campuses.


portDynamicPurl0Solicitation Lists

  • Act List - Juniors and seniors still in High school
  • List of students who had shown interest but didn't enroll
  • List of students who had completed classes but dropped out
  • GED list - nontraditional students who completed the GED


Each record of the combined solicitation list is assigned to a community college based in their area.  The assignment is based on the zip code the prospect lives in and the community college closest to their zip code.  This way a prospect living in Louisville KY would be assigned to Jefferson Community and Technical College.  This assignment is used to send marketing materials from the closest community college and not just a generic system office.  The idea is that a prospect would have better knowledge of their local community college (JCTC) versus the system level KCTCS.  So all marketing material comes from the local college.

Additionally each record is provided a Personalized Unique URL.  This url is based off the root level Domain for the campaign ( and a subdomain generated by the prospect's first and last name.  In the event there are multiple Ashley Smiths, the url has the prospects middle initial, and potentially a number.  There are many reasons to have a specifically unique domain generated:

  • Each domain has address and information specific to the prospect
  • Each domain is tied to reporting to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign

1st Step: Create the Master Solicitation List

  • Add all lists together
  • Assign college for each record
  • Generate Unique Personalized URL for each record
  • Send list to Mail/Printer

Direct Mail Piece

The full color mailer includes details about the campaign, call to action, and incentives.  This portion of the campaign had 16 different college versions.  Each mailer had to be assembled using the college and PURL information. The mailers were handled by local mailing houses that made sure to print them based on the college and information provided to them.

  • Custom Graphic for college
  • PURL
  • Address
  • Qr Code

Why Personalized Pieces?

  • Personalized URL or PURL
    • Prepopulated with information
    • Easy and fast to complete
    • Utilizes data previously collected

Email Campaign

  • Custom Graphic for college
  • PURL
  • Monitored for opens
  • Monitored for Clicks
  • Sent 3 times during campaign

Landing Pages


The initial landing page mimics the direct mailer.  It includes much of the message the mailer has.  It is addressed personally to the user. The page is dynamically generated based on the subdomain. So would make a lookup for the record johnharbison.  The page would then be dynamically generated based on the college assigned to the record.  College specific graphics would load along with college specific content, which would then be interspersed with content that is specific to the user.  The page includes a form which allows the user to update their contact records as well as pick a college and a program of interest.  The user can then hit the "Start Here" button which fires off an email to the recruiter at the college the prospect entered.  The next page the user would see is generated by the selection the user made - content is pulled from the database.  If the user is interested in "Nursing" then they would get details on the nursing program from which ever college they were interested in.  This whole process is tailored to whatever the prospect is interested in.

portDynamicPurl0 portDynamicPurl1

Technology Used:

  • Responsive Website Landing pages
  • Mysql Database populating content
  • Dynamically populated form data - requested from the unique Domain
  • Dynamic Subdomains (
  • Leads created from ACT List
  • Over 100,000 dynamically generated web pages
  • Custom created follow up pages based on User submissions
  • Over 200 potential configurations for follow up pages
  • Over 3000 leads generated from the campaign
  • Stats and Metrics generated in real-time for monitoring campaign
  • Custom developed panels and interface for following campaign
  • Custom reporting for campaigns for generating reports daily

If you would like to know more about this campaign or would like to run a campaign like this -

feel free to contact me at 3rd Dimension Design:  859-373-1888

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