Mobile Ready Slideshows for Websites

by John H
2 minutes

So I think I've found my goto from now on -  FlexSlider by Woo Themes.  It seems like it fits my needs perfectly.  I was about to use's Responsiveslides.js.. It worked well, was really light and efficient and probably the most notable reason to use it was that it was responsive and could easily be the full screen width (I needed the slideshow to be the whole screen width). The problem with it was that I could have an anchor tag on the slide - so you could see the slide, but it couldn't link to anything. Then I found Flexslider. This puppy was bigger, but it had everything I needed. It was practically the same installation as Responsiveslides.js - just with more! If you are looking for a js slideshow - those two may work out for you!


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