Move Wordpress from folder to root domain

by John H
~1 minute

When you start a wordpress blog you might want to set it up in a folder called blog - or whatever.  Your url would look like  This might be because you are trying to build it before you have a domain or maybe you just want it to be at that url.

Now let's say you want to move that install to the root of the domain - so that to access the wordpress install all you do is

This is pretty easy.

  • 1st you need to make sure that your server is ready to accept the domain
  • Next you need to login to Wordpress
  • Goto Settings > Generalwordpress-site-setting
  • Change the URL Settings to your new domain as well as the site address field too
  • Save.

You may have to wait a bit for the changes to update because of the cache -  If you can get to a page while logged in you can manually delete the cache as well.


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