Sublime Text Editor for Text Editing

by John H
2 minutes

sublimeregexUsing Regular Expressions To Format Text in Sublime Text.

I use Sublime Text to clean up text all of the time.  It is absolutely the fastest and easiest way to make neat lists or to grab a bunch of text and convert it to arrays or whatever.

Why is it so awesome? Because it is a text editor on steroids.

How is it so awesome? Because it has regular expressions built in to its text searching. YAY!

It is even faster for searching in code especially if you are utilizing id, name, label, or class tags.

Some Quick Searches

Look ahead


Look Behind


Look Between


Select All text Between paragraph tags




Cleaning up things

Select Empty Lines


Selecting all Opening Links

Select all Closing Anchor Tags

I'll add to this list as I think of helpful regular expressions

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